My Go To Clear Skin TEA


Acne is often a symptom, not a condition. It represents deeper healing that needs to occur. Most commonly within the digestive system, as I call our intestines our inner skin. While this tea may not correct the issue, it can calm flares when you aren't sure what else to try. Check with your doctor before use, and this tea is not safe during pregnancy/lactation. 

Clear Skin Tea Recipe 

- Oregon Grape Root: 1 part

- Burdock Root: 1 part 

- Dandelion Root: 1/2 part

- Licorice Root: 1/4 part

- Fennel: 1/4 part 


1) Steep herbs in boiling water x 15 minutes for full extraction of medical properties.

2) Strain and enjoy this tea up to 3 times per day.  

You may order your herbs online through a reputable herbal store or call the office at 763-477-4266 for our current herbal stock.