Frequently Asked Questions

How are Naturopathic Doctors Trained?

Naturopathic doctors attend a 4 year accredited medical school with the first year focused on studying normal anatomy and physiology. The second and third year are focused on the study of pathology (diseases) learning both conventional pharmaceutical treatments and natural therapeutics. Our final year of training is practicing in a clinical setting with supervision.

Are ND's covered by Insurance?

In the state of MN, insurance does not cover naturopathic care. I feel passionate about natural medicine being accessible to all. If you are seeking naturopathic care, but cannot afford the fees, please contact the doctor by phone or email to discuss options. 

Can I use an HSA or an FSA card to cover the visit cost?

Most HSA and FSA cards can be used to cover the cost of the naturopathic visit. For labs and supplements, please call your insurance to discuss coverage details. 

What does a typical visit look like?

A typical new patient visit is an hour to an hour and a half. I will sit down with you and discuss in detail your personal and family health history. Additionally I will ask you about your medications, supplements and lifestyle habits. If needed, I will order laboratory tests and provide a plan including some or all of the following: diet and lifestyle recommendations, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, nutraceuticals/supplements and body work. If I feel you need additional care, such as a specialist or medication initiation, I may place a referral. 

Can an ND be my Primary Care Provider?

While I cannot formally be your primary care provider (PCP), I can order routine labs and monitor for disease. I am also able to work preventatively to understand your specific risks and perform screenings to monitor for early disease detection.