Easing Menstural Symptoms


Almost anyone who menstrates has at one point experienced uncomfortable symptoms related to their cycle. It comes with the territory of monthly hormonal cycles. I have previously discussed the use of flax seeds and seed cycling for hormonal support, which discusses the details of how to use seed cycling for therapy, find it here

I certainly recommend it's use to help balance the two main hormones associated with our cycle, estrogen and progesterone, however, it requires long term use to see a change in symptoms. Today, I am discussing what we can do for immediate treatments for menstural related concerns. Keep in mind, these are not correcting the root cause of why you are having symptoms in the first place. 

Also, before trying any of these therapies, please discuss with your doctor or naturopathic doctor if they are appropriate for you given your medical history and other medications you may be taking, to avoid interactions. Additionally, do not take any of these if you suspect you may be pregnant or are trying to become pregnant. 


Pre-menstural syndrome, or commonly referred to as PMS,  is a significant change in mood and symptoms that occurs 5 days before and 3 days into menstural cycle. Such symptoms include increased irritability, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, bloating, hot flashes, dizziness and/or breast pain. Recommendations include use of evening primrose oil, vitamin B6 and Angelica Sinsesis (Dong Quai), also called the female ginseng. 


Cramps are a result of the uterine muscles contracting, resulting in pain, for some it is a constant dull ache, others experience sharp intermediate pains. My top recommendations for cramping include oral magnesium (avoid oxide or citrate which may worsen loose stool patterns), look for magnesium glycinate or magnesium theronate. Other remedies to try include peppermint tea, especially with sharp pains, or raspberry leaf tea for the dull achy pain.


The liver processes many of our hormones to be detoxified from our body. Headaches, in Chinese Medicine, are associated with liver pathology. Making sure to eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables supports our liver detoxification. Additionally, dandelion tea helps encourage liver and hormone detoxification as well.