Supplements a Naturopathic Doctor Takes Daily


In the pursuit of optimal health and well-being, individuals often turn to various approaches, including naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic doctors, with their focus on natural remedies and holistic healing, not only guide their patients but also practice what they preach. One aspect of their wellness routine that often intrigues many is their daily supplement regimen. In this blog post, we'll delve into the supplements that I, a naturopathic doctor, take daily to support my overall health.  Please keep in mind, this is my regime and it may not be appropriate for you to take. Please work with a qualified health professional to discuss use of supplements and herbs specific to you and your needs. 

Multivitamin: The Foundation of Wellness

This comprehensive supplement provides a broad spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring that the body receives the nutrients it needs for optimal functioning. By addressing potential nutritional gaps, a multivitamin supports overall health and helps prevent deficiencies.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids with DHA: Brain and Heart Health

I use a high quality fish oil for the omega-3 fatty acids, specifically I use one with a significant amount of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). DHA is known for its cognitive and cardiovascular benefits. These essential fatty acids are derived from sources such as fish oil, promoting brain function, reducing inflammation, and supporting heart health.

B Complex: Energy and Stress Management

The B vitamins play a crucial role in energy production, and I opt for a B complex supplement to ensure I receive a balanced combination of all the B vitamins. B vitamins contribute to metabolic processes, help manage stress, and support the nervous system. This supplement is particularly valuable in times of increased physical or emotional stress.

Adrenal Support Herbs: Nurturing the Stress Response

I use adrenal support into my routine to help modulate the body's stress response. I use a combination of adaptogenic herbs such as rhodiola, ashwagandha, and ginseng for healthy and steady energy throughout the day.

Spirulina: A Nutrient-Dense Superfood

Spirulina, a blue-green algae, is a nutrient-dense superfood. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, spirulina supports immune function, detoxification, and overall vitality. Its rich nutrient profile makes it a valuable addition to my supplement regimen. 

Vitamin D3 with K2: Bone Health and Beyond

Vitamin D is crucial for bone health, immune function, and overall well-being. Vitamin D3 is often combined with vitamin K2 for enhanced absorption and optimal utilization. This combination not only supports bone health but also contributes to cardiovascular health and immune system function. Based on my location, I don't receive enough UV rays from the sun to generate vitamin D through the skin, so I get this vitamin through supplementation. 


These supplements have been chosen for my specific needs to support my nutritional needs, stress response, and promoting overall vitality. It's important to note that individual health needs vary, and consulting with a healthcare professional is recommended before incorporating new supplements into your routine. By adopting a well-rounded approach to supplementation, one can work towards achieving balance and resilience in the journey towards optimal health.