Cupping Therapy


Cupping therapy, or cupping massage is a therapy used from ancient Eastern cultures. In my practice, I utilize glass cups that are suctioned to the back using a flame to remove the oxygen from within the cups to create a vacuum between the cup and your skin.
The cups can be left to sit dry, or with some oil applied to the skin, the cups can be moved across the back to create a massaging effect. 

This therapy can help enhance circulation of both the blood and lymphatic system. It can also be used for chronic headaches and neck pain, muscular tension/tightness, asthma, lung congestion and detoxification. 

Proceeding therapy, bruising often occurs as the blood is drawn up into the cups as they are placed due to the vacuum effect. Bruising is typically non-painful and resolves within 10 days.  If interested, schedule a 30 or 45 minute bodywork appointment with Dr. Hannah at (763) 477-4266.